Friday, July 31, 2015

Dread Head

When I wake up in the morning it feels like I am under a lead blanket of dread.  There is absolutely no reason for this except I despise the act of getting up in the morning.  Some would say I was depressed....I'm not.  Once I get going I'm fine.

Juan Carlos forces me to get up and walk and feed him and once that process is done,  the dread is gone.  When I had a part time job (that was really a full time job) I also had the dread, until I got there and got into the swing.

It is absolutely mandatory for someone like me to have a dog or a job or we will literally never leave the bed. Again, do not misunderstand this for depression, it's just a massive love for my bed and a disdain for the morning.

The one exception to this rule is being in a hotel like Trump Soho.  You can roll over and hit this "wake" button and the shades pull back, the lights come on and the day greets you.  Also, room service will bring me poached eggs and coffee.  But since that doesn't exist at home.  Dread it is.

p.s. do NOT ever contact me before 10 am unless it is with coffee,  breakfast in hand and you are opening all my plantation shutters.


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