Monday, April 20, 2015

Things you never thought anyone would do. Mondays.

Post injection lobe

Katie and I talk about new developments in our appearance from time to time.  My comments are usually like hey I look old why are you so cute?  And she's always like get some botox and some Juvederm and stop being a hippie could be cute too.

I know she is beauty savvy.  She knows her way around a plastic surgeons office.  But I was (surprisingly) surprised when she told me recently that she had put filler in her earlobes.

Me:  What?  Why?  Were they aging you?

Katie:  (sent me the picture above)

Me:  Oh my they look amazing.

Katie:  Right?

My hair is thinning and I pee when I run so I clearly have bigger problems but I have to say her earlobes are fantastic.  I want to say seventeen year old cheerleader earlobes.


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