Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dogs, kids and an unexpected laugh

Maisy doing safety stance

My adorable niece Tatum is obsessed with our giant puppy Zimmer.  This weekend she was desperate to take him for a walk but he is super strong and not a great walker so I went with.  After ten steps she let go of his leash because "Zimmy wanted to run free".  And run free he did.  For blocks.  After he love attacked an older woman and a man with his child he finally stopped to pee on someones lawn and we were able to grab his leash again.  He wasn't hit by a car.  The innocent bystanders didn't sue me.  All was right at the end.  But there was a moment when after the older woman who walks around our block on the daily, who I've never seen with a smile on her face, stopped in the road with a safety stance (very still with your arms crossed over your chest) felt safe again and began walking toward me and I said my sorries and then yelled "Tatum this is a debacle!" and the lady started laughing.  And that was maybe the high point of my day.*  Not only because I was relieved she didn't yell at me but also because I cracked that hard nut and got a chuckle.  That's the best.


*And the fact that Zim lived, obvs.

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