Saturday, April 18, 2015

Empire Strikes Back

The morning after doing a 13 episode binge of Empire....

6am :

Juan Carlos leaps from the bed, does a couple "down dogs" and stares at me.

Me:  (in the voice of Cookie)  Damn dog you crazy.  Get back to bed.

JC:  (in the voice of Luscious)  Oh HELL no!  I wasn't AAAALLL up in the BOURBON while watchin' Empire ....GET YO ASS UP.  I GOTTA PEE.

Me:  (Cookie won't leave) DAMN.  AIGHT AIGHT.  Don't call the po leese.  Shit.

I get up and walk him in my jammie's.  And The Lyons go back to sleep and my thoughts return to my own voice.

Damn you Cookie. Damn you Luscious.  Damn you Empire.

I love you.


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