Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Girls as moms

I love the idea of Jessa from Girls being a mom.  Here is how I see a conversation going down.

Daughter:  Mom, Daisy didn't even talk to me today.  She likes Ollie and now she won't speak to me.

Jessa:  Um.  Right.  Well, I went through a phase when I was your age and I was shagging Jordan from Essex (did I tell you about him?) whilst he was shagging Elsie (not the cow although she was a cow).  And then I just stopped.  And it sorted itself out, love!  I actually just ran into Elsie and we had Mocha Lattes and had a laugh about Jordan's bits.  It all works out.  Let's have a cuddle.  Okay, Mummy has to go now but if you have anymore feelings tell Angela and we will speak about it in the morning.  I know it's hard to be eleven.  Eleven was my first worst year.



  1. Eleven was my first worst year too.

  2. Eleven was when I put Megan in the road.