Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Don't drop a star...EVER

Dirty Basement (aka Ballsack Basement)

My sister Amy and I regularly meet in Kansas City to watch Chiefs games.  9 times out of 10, we stay at the Intercontinental on the Country Club Plaza.  It's a lovely joint, great rooms, great views all good.  On this last trip, I thought I would try Priceline-ing a room.  I put in a bid for $125/night for a 4 star hotel.  It was quickly denied, so I changed my bid (as you have to for Priceline to submit it again) to 3 stars at $100/night.  It was quickly accepted by Embassy Suites!  (this alarmed me a tiny bit...but eff it, it was going to be one night)

As if the massacre by the Chargers wasn't depressing enough, I walked into the above pictured situation.  A dark, cold, damp and musty basement-looking bar with men hanging their junk about like they were at home.  It was horrifying.

Taking off that one star...that one tiny star was like jumping off the Empire State Building.  There wasn't even a comparison.  In fact, I think they tried to sell this joint as 3 1/2 star hotel.  Um, seriously?  Maybe if you are growing mushrooms.

How dare you Priceline.

I still love you Kansas City.


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