Monday, October 22, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers!

I had been wanting to do fish and chips whilst in London, but it's a crap shoot and if you get a bad batch, it can ruin your world for years.

My friends Paul and Ivan turned me onto this joint : The Golden Hind

73 Marylebone Lane
London W1U 2PN
Neighborhood: Marylebone
This place is hands down the Mecca of all fish and chip shops in the world. They were beautifully cooked.  All crispy, delicious, perfect batter and gorgeous cuts of fish.

I loved this food so much that I tried to make Tony (the owner) my new boyfriend. 

I love you Anthony Christou.  I had no idea Greeks were such masters of fish and chips! You definitely brought sexy back to the fish and chip world.


p.s. I personally blame you for my jeans not fitting.

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