Saturday, January 26, 2013

Preventive Parenting

Hannah, Rachel, Mary-Paige and Jed
Being that I have no children, my eyes are being opened to all sorts of experiences living with my sister Amy.  She has four beautiful children and they are all lovely and polite and darling to me.  But from what I understand, teenagers and young adults can occassionally just grunt at their mothers in lieu of answering....and like anyone you live with, she gets on their nerves and probably vice versa.

Anyway, a couple of times I've overheard Amy trying to engage one of them.  Either for a "snuggle" or just a quick conversation.  When they deny her or just grunt at her she has said, " Okay! Well in your future counseling sessions don't ever say that I never talked to you or never tried to snuggle!"  She says it with such enthusiasm and cheerfulness it makes me laugh out loud.

Not surprisingly, they just grunt.

(Insert grunt here),

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