Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sometimes people move

So Katie has taken a break from her life in LA and has moved to Tulsa (no, it's not in Arizona.  You're thinking of Tucson).  When we met 20 years ago she lived in Hollywood, fresh(ish) from New York.  Then it was Idaho, then San Francisco, then back to her hometown in Kansas.  Then Marina del Rey for a good stint and then...Australia.  Back to LA.  Why not Tulsa?  She assures me there will be hijinks galore, I can't wait to hear.  Especially because she is staying with her sister Amy and I don't like to say people are funny because in some cultures that's offensive but Amy is for real one funny mo fo.  I'm expecting some good material.  No presh.

Oklahoma, OK!  When can I come for a visit?  Are there direct flights?  It's the midwest, yes?


(Also excited that the time diff is only one hour instead of three.  So now we will be mutually unavailable to speak to each other on the phone, as opposed to our previous situation which is Katie can only talk when I am picking up my kids from school or putting them to bed and I can only talk when she's asleep or on her way to dinner.)

1 comment:

  1. Dummy,

    Oklahoma is OK! Yes, you can come out there. GET OUT HERE STAT! I think Delta flies direct. Otherwise you'll have to connect through Chicago.

    We have to work on our talking times now. I miss you like Dolly misses eating cat poo.