Monday, December 10, 2012

Jesus 5.0

You may or may not know that I'm not a very religious person.  I'm open to what anyone believes. (i.e. God, Jesus, Allah, Mohamed, Joseph Smith....whatevs)  And I absolutely  believe that they believe.  I also believe that whenever you get a group of people together on the same page in one room, it can be powerful.


Yesterday was my first Sunday in Oklahoma and this is a God-Fearing state.  Part of my deal with staying with my sister is attending church every Sunday.  She took me to Lifechurch.

Now, I don't know what the house of God was like when you all grew up, but this was a trip.  You are greeted with snacks, iced tea stations, coffee stations, cocoa, etc.  It feels like a concert or movie theater.  The building is an acoustically perfect warehouse with rockstar lighting and the band was off the hook.  Huge drum set with a 5 ft drum panel, a 5 string bass, 2 electric guitars, 1 acoustic guitar, keyboards , 2-3 back up singers at a time and 1 lead vocalist.  And again, the mix was outstanding.  Someone put a lot of time and dollars into this joint.  Here is the kicker.....the pastor is fed in digitally!  So, he simultaneously preaches to something like 15 different "campuses" at a time!  This is a damn good time to be a pastor.  They also make tithing available via your iphone or online. 

Jesus has gone digital.


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