Monday, August 11, 2014

Summer car

I don't know about you but I am just limping along trying to make it until school starts.  My house is in shambles.  Piles of laundry.  Unread emails.  Unpaid bills.  Etc.  But the real story of my summer is on the floor of my car.  Here is the inventory.

300 pieces of popcorn
Ten coffee mugs
Two Blackberry chargers (I have an iPhone)
Two half eaten bags of cotton candy
Nine dirty beach towels
Three sets of tennis whites
Forty half full bottles of water
A trucker hat that says I LOVE TO SURF
A Bean bag with a platter, paper towels and parmesan cheese from two Sundays ago
Two undelivered birthday presents
Twelve items of clothing that don't belong to our family
Four McDonalds happy meal toys
A swim cap
My soul



  1. Ha smokey this post was written before montauk! You guys are the silver lining!!

  2. "My soul" made me snort! Sounds like you need a weekend away - please come to Nashvegas Sept 12-14 when Amy & I will be there with TIny - we can compare car contents...

  3. Nancy I would kill someone to be there!!

    1. I could nominate a few people who deserve the axe, but that might end with you in jail, which would cramp your travel plans. Just buy a plane ticket and we'll wear orange jumpsuits & drink in honor of your freedom.