Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why not? WENsdays

So I ordered WEN the conditioning cleanser that Alyssa Milano hocks and everything they say about it is true.  I'm a WEN girl now and I don't care if that is the gayest thing I could say, I would shout it from the rooftops.

The first time I used WEN (yes I'm going to keep saying WEN) I just rough dried my hair (I don't know how to use the round brush like fancy people) and immediately got comments like "Oh really?  A blow dry for a swim meet?" and "Did you just get your hair done?  Must be nice." (My friends are mean).  It's that good though!  Smooth, no frizz.  I'm going to warn that it is counter intuitive as it feels like you are rubbing conditioner into your scalp - like the opposite of cleaning it - but push past that and you will be amazed.




  1. Just bought a big bottle on QVC...hoping my gnarled locks will look so good that my friends will be as mean as yours.

  2. Smokey T's are you still loving it?? I'm finding I need to wash my hair more often which is a pain but the zero frizz is so worth it....