Thursday, May 3, 2012

On being 22

When the Dums were in Vegas a few years ago we hit the ladies room and met up with a gaggle of beautiful barely legals.  Future Bachelor gals.  We were really surprised when they started oohing and ahhing over us like an exotic zoo exhibit.  "We want to be you!" they said.  "What can we do?"  We were like, "Umm.  Get old."  It all ended in kisses and hugs and well wishes.  Now, they could have been having a go at us but I remember being 22 and ALL I wanted was to be older.  So funny how the age thing works.


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  1. Seriously, Betty White is the sole reason why I don't think it will be so bad to live to be 90+. Do you think we'll still want to share clothes (and occasionally triple spoon) when we have our golden girls house?