Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Why not? Wednesdays: dye your eyebrows

My love affair with my own eyebrows began in 1994 when a gal at the MAC counter in the Sherman Oaks Galleria offered to fill mine in with a powder called "Bark".  It was revolutionary and after that it was game on for all sorts of brow manipulation.  Tweezing, filling in, even shaping from the one and only Anastasia of...Anastasia fame.  And I'm not going to lie my brows were a pretty big deal back then.  I have since cut back my routine to not ever doing anything.  Except maybe the odd stray tweeze (while doing my whiskers - sorry) and the fill in on a special day.  I'm just too old and lazy.  But I still crave those lush dark brows!  Enter eyebrow dye.  I tried it mainly because I was going on a few hot wet steamy trips and I didn't want to deal with Bark.  And yes I looked like Groucho Marx for the first 72 hours but I didn't really mind that because it was funny.  And now my brows are perfectly Bark and I never even need to think about it!  I am a lifer, friends.


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