Saturday, November 16, 2013

Made out of Sugar

On my last trip, we visited London and India.

While in London, I had a lovely lunch with my friend Davie.

He is a 200+lb Scotsman with a glorious brogue.  It was raining outside (shocker) and I had a brolley and was full on ducking out of the rain.  He boomed at me "Whooots th proooblem??? Your'd noot mead ooout of shoooogarrr!" (Translation: What's the problem you're not made out of sugar?)  My other favorite thing that he said to me was " I've flushed things that weigh more than you". 

Love it. Love him.

Cut to India:

I packed properly for London...well mostly.  And I figured it would be hot in India....but I have no swimsuit, no short pants, no skirts. Just jeans.  HOT AS BALLS JEANS.  We are out by the pool and I have to sit in the shade under fans to not melt. And I'm still melting.  Of course, there is NOTHING I can buy here to remedy this.  It seems I WAS actually turning into sugar in the unbearable heat.  Every Dengue fever infected mosquito wanted a piece of me.


Off to Canada next.  I'll let you know how that goes.


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