Thursday, September 4, 2014

Close the door

When I was a kid in California we did not have central air.  We relied on a window unit in our kitchen.  So every time you went out a door you closed it behind you.  We didn't want to cool the whole neighborhood!  Simple.  So here is something I have noticed about my husband.  He will absolutely not close a door behind him.  And in New Jersey its not even all about the expense of cooling or heating the neighborhood.  There are bugs.  Big ones.  And one million mosquitos waiting to get in that door and feast on me.  So I keep saying close the door.  But he just keeps walking.  Maybe half closes it.  And I go and close the door.  After six years in the house its really become an issue.  Which I think is so so easy to remedy.  Close.  The door.

Recently I've realized that this little tick that he has also happens in the bedroom.  He will wake up to get ready for work at 4 am and take a shower and leave the bathroom door open.  With the bright bathroom lights shining in my eyes while I try to remember that it's not my time to wake up.  So I get up and close the door.  And lie awake angry for an hour.

Please.  I know you are a good person.  Just close the door.



  1. Get one of those industrial door closers. Not pretty, but that would drive me INSANE. BAD CANO....BAD!

  2. It really drives me a bit batty. Picture a party on the porch and multiple trips in through the french doors to fetch beer or wine and every single time I say close the door and every single time he does not. I know he is partially deaf so maybe I just put it to that?