Thursday, April 11, 2013

What the fup

Now let me just say I will jump on a trend like it's my job but even I can not with this.  High waisted jeans are the killer of everything sexy.  You could be Kate Upton and this still wouldn't work on you. makes you look like you have a twelve inch fup!  Forget fashion lets just talk fups.  If you have one, hide it (I do and do).  If you don't, why create one by wrangling into a pair of jeans that squeezes you from your privates to your belly button?  Wait I don't even care about fups anymore because the original problem with high waisters was always the long bottom they give you.  If your jeans start at your waist that is visually where your butt starts.  So that view from the back is like a foot long b crack.  Who wants that?  It's all so horrible.  Are you with me?


1 comment:

  1. Who is the thick legged beast up top? She has the worst camel to Mariah Carey's. Sick. On a happier note, I think you'll like a couple of my latest acquisitions. When are we seeing each other next week?