Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PPV Movie Review Installment #3

Movie: Flight


*Denzel "I'm too sexy for my plane" Washington
*Don "I rock the casbah" Cheadle
*Bruce "I need to see way more of you" Greenwood

This film was an absolute delight.  Flight was hands down the best thing Denzel has done since Man on Fire.  His ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol and temper with it with just enough blow to function at a high level at work was inspiring.

The only reason I would take away a star from this film was because he let down alcoholics and addicts everywhere by telling the truth at the end.   (I encouraged someone to tell the truth once, and it bit me in the ass ... HARD. )  What a let down. 

He so needed to throw that lady under the bus and walk a hero....as we all know that is how the story would really end.

This is a "must see" people.  Worth far more than the $4.99 I paid for it.

Do it!


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